Our Story

We believe the financial system has let down the very people who need it most. Many small businesses are denied access to credit merely because their owners do not have great credit, or because they are not a priority for traditional lenders. There is a clear gap between those who can cheaply access finance and those who cannot access it at any price.

At XPRS, our goal and our mission is to use technology to bridge that gap. We use the latest technology to efficiently connect small businesses with capital so that these businesses, the lifeblood of the American economy, can grow and prosper.

We deliver small business loan application decisions in minutes and funding in as quickly as 1 business day. Less paperwork and less hassle means more time for you to focus on your business.

XPRS is not a broker.  We are a direct lender and the source of capital.  At XPRS, we work directly with small businesses which allows us to offer great rates, fast responses, and full transparency.

Unlike traditional banks, XPRS focuses on the cash flow and health of your business, not personal credit history. We use innovative ways to help small businesses like yours get access to capital quickly, efficiently, and affordably.