By clicking the check box following this notice and continuing with the application process, you, as a principal owner or authorized signatory of the business stated in the loan application, understand and agree that you are authorizing Xprs Capital, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and its agents and designees (collectively, “Lender”), (i) to obtain standard factual data credit reports and related information about you from one or more credit reporting agencies, (ii) to obtain such other investigative reports as are deemed to be necessary by Lender in order to complete a review of the loan application and to verify the information contained therein, and (iii) to investigate the trade references and other references provided in the loan application and/or any other documents submitted as a part of or associated with the loan application, including contacting such third parties as Lender deems necessary in connection with such investigation. Lender acknowledges and agrees that all such information will be used solely in connection with an evaluation of the business loan application.

You further authorize Lender to release to credit reporting and/or investigative agencies a copy of your business loan application in order for Lender to obtain such credit and/or investigative reports.

You further authorize Lender to obtain credit reports each time you request a loan or an amendment to an existing loan, during the processing or closing of a loan, or at various times during the term of the loan in connection with the servicing, monitoring, collection or enforcement of the loan or the assignment of the loan by Lender.

If the Lender is unable to approve your loan application, you authorize Lender to forward a copy of your application information and/or any other documents submitted as a part of or associated with the loan application (excluding any credit report) to a nonaffiliated third party lender (“Third Party Lender”) for the purpose of determining whether you qualify for loan, and you authorize Third Party Lender to obtain a credit report for this purpose.