XPRS loans that might suit your business needs:

Equipment Loans

As a small business owner, you are constantly struggling with the true — or “all in” — cost of buying versus leasing equipment. Leasing could be tempting because of large initial capital outlay. However, leasing typically costs more than owning the equipment, especially in the long run. 


Small Business Acquisition Loans

Qualifying for a small business acquisition loan can be an ordeal. Most traditional banks are reluctant to finance goodwill (that is, the sales price of a profitable business could be worth more than the “liquidation” value of business assets net of all debts), and require financial statements of the business you are looking to acquire.

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Working Capital Financing

As your company grows, it could start consuming a lot of cash to run your day-to-day operations, even if it has nothing to do with your company’s profitability. This could mean buying inventory or hiring additional staff to satisfy your customers’ demand before you actually get paid.


Seasonal Cash Flow Loans

For companies with seasonal business trends, your expenses could outweigh your revenues temporarily. Whether it be to hire additional salespeople ahead of holiday sales, or to purchase inventory for the season ahead, it is important to have cash on hand to meet your business demands.

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Business Expansion Loans

You are ready to grow your business: you need renovations, more space, more staff, new furniture, third party services, and/or equipment upgrades. But, you lack capital. If you have a clear business plan in mind, and have a healthy business you would like to grow, our Business Expansion Loan might be right for you. Our loans are structured as short term loans with daily payments so you can manage your loan expenses.